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Since 1994, Rosetti has charmed American women of all ages with its delightful and well-priced line of handbags.

As a leader in the industry, Rosetti has been designing and producing moderately priced handbags for the past 20 years under the Rosetti brand name as well as the Lily Bloom and Mimosa brands. Runway inspired and featuring designer touches such as polished hardware and refined styling, Rosetti bags are perfect for women who want a classic bag with a fashion-forward twist. Pockets and features for organization and technological needs make them a must-have for today’s modern woman on-the-go.

Great style and function at an amazing value have made Rosetti the Number One leader in moderately priced handbags.

Accessories caught up with Suzanne Castillo, SVP Design/Merchandising, to discuss Rosetti past, present and future:

RosettiHow long have you been with the company?  

11 1/2 years – I started with Rosetti in September 2002.

What is a typical day like for you?  

What is a typical day?  No two are ever the same and that’s what makes being here at Rosetti so exciting!

What is your favorite part of this industry?  

I love how fast paced this industry is – we’re always moving forward on to the next challenge.

What have been some of the biggest challenges in the market lately?  

I think one of the biggest challenges this year has been that many retailers cut back on their sku counts to make a more narrow and deep assortment. It coincided with a big fashion cycle and left the consumer with less choices since a lot of stores chose “safe” options. I think we’re starting to see expansion in assortments as we move towards Fall/Holiday ‘14.

What are the newest and exciting changes in the marketplace lately? 

I love all of the options technology has opened up to us. We can speak directly to the consumer now via social media and have really enjoyed hearing her voice through our Facebook page and Instagram feeds. I’m also looking forward to our expansion in the global marketplace as we begin to distribute our brands worldwide.

RosettiAre you launching anything new for Fall/Holiday 2014? 

We’re looking forward to the launch of our collaboration with the Sam Edelman design team on Sam & Libby handbags exclusively for Target. Look for it in stores at the end of August.

In terms of styling, what are you focusing on for the Fall/Holiday season? 

The Fall runway shows were exciting for so many reasons – they were a mash up of such eclectic style! Bold colors and the use of color blocking were apparent in all of the shows, and we know our customers already recognize and embrace it as a trend. It was fantastic to see designers across the board give color such importance on the runway.

Which designers/runway fashion shows have been most influential for you in terms of planning your Fall/Holiday line?

We especially love the Renaissance look seen in so many shows for Fall 14, especially Valentino, Burberry Prorsum and Givenchy. We’re loving all of the print from the dark, moody florals; variations of animal patterns; mixed ethnic prints and plaids.  It was also inspirational to see all of the handcrafted embellishments on accessories and footwear that we think will really speak to our customers.

Rosetti_20th_Ad_FINAL[1]How do you use social media, and how has it helped your brand? 

As I mentioned earlier, we love being able to speak directly to the consumer through our Facebook page. It has given us a great window into her world – what she’s wearing and why; how she feels about some of the fashion trends of the moment; and more importantly what’s important to her in daily life. We’re up to 175K likes since we launched the page!

Does your company have any important milestones coming up? 

We are excited about celebrating our 20-year anniversary here at Rosetti! It’s been an incredible time for everyone on the team, and we’re so thankful for our loyal customers who have supported as we’ve grown into the company we are today.

Are there any celebrities, bloggers, movies, TV, music festivals, etc., that are driving trends for you lately?  

Fashion today is much more of an individual statement and not as tied into celebrities and that whole scene. It’s a time when something as mundane as Normcore becomes a trend – the art of standing out by blending in! Inspiration can come from everywhere and anywhere – social media platforms like Instagram make fashion stars out of everyday people.

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