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Jana Klapkova, Marketing Specialist Preciosa USA

Bohemian company Preciosa is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of crystal and fine jewellery components. Established in 1948, its professionalism and skills are based on centuries of the Czech glass-making tradition. The company is unique in producing its own crystal and glass and offers the widest range of premium quality machine-cut crystal components and beads, machine-cut synthetic gemstones (primarily cubic zirconia), imitation pearls, seed beads and hand-made cabochons available on the market today. Preciosa also produces upscale crystal chandeliers, sophisticated lighting solutions, exclusive jewellery, sparkling gifts and decorations or stylish wine bottle glass stoppers. With the head office located in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic, Preciosa exports all of its products to 85% of the world’s countries.

Preciosa employs 4000 people, all of which are completely integrated with its own research and development division as well as its own glassworks and separate cutting, polishing and equipment engineering workshops. Within these workshops cutting-edge technologies are developed in-house.Today Preciosa is the foremost representative of the Czech glass and jewellery industries and is a respected global partner in the international glass industry.

Accessories caught up with Jana, Klapkova, marketing specialist for the USA to talk about the company’s past, present and future.

How long have you been with the company?

Well, it may sound incredible but more than 20 years. And I am glad I was able to experience various job positions during this time – Preciosa is a large company that gives you many opportunities to learn new things.

PreciosaWhat is a typical day like for you?

Strong coffee in the morning and then meetings, e-mails, phone calls – all with the aim to find out what we could do to make our customers´ professional lives easier. In short, communication both inside and outside the company is the main portion of my daily doings.

What is your favorite part of this industry?

What I like on my work is the creative part – I mean thinking of new ways how to get together partners maybe from different corners of the industry but with the perspective of creating fresh and original projects. Almost everything can be decorated with Preciosa crystal components!

What have been some of the biggest challenges in the market lately?

Well, I think it´s the speed of life which means lack of time in general. My granny always said “Rome wasn´t built in one day” and I also believe that the best projects and outstanding artefacts need certain time to be brought to perfection.

What are the newest and exciting changes in the marketplace lately? (i.e. new types of stores you sell, new ways of selling, new technologies, etc.)

Because we don´t sell finished jewelry but just the crystal components needed for its production, we need to be as close to our customers – jewelry makers, as possible. That´s why Preciosa has its offices all over the world in order to be able to meet all customers´ wishes which might vary according to the location. The newest Preciosa subsidiary has been opened in Dongguan, China.

PreciosaHow do you use social media and how has it helped your brand? Contests, etc.

Oh, our Facebook fans love contests of the best jewelry design created from Preciosa components! The best of them are rewarded with special wide range sets of crystal stones and beads to inspire their future creations. We also share photos on Pinterest and videos on Youtube – I am sure it is a very important way for a producer of components to communicate with the real people who wear the real finished products in order to get the true feedback.

Does your company have any important milestones coming up? Explain

Yes, we have. But it´s a top secret – I can´t say a word J

Are you launching anything new for Fall/Holiday 2014? (a new classification, new line, new brand, new license, new collaboration, etc.?)

For Preciosa the Fall/Winter seasons always mean revealing 1 or 2 new colors which have been added to our product range. The particular colors are carefully selected in collaboration with Pantone® to fit the forthcoming trends and developed by our Research and Development Section. The launch is planned for September – so let´s wait a while to see what colors are going to enrich the Preciosa color chart!

PreciosaIn terms of styling, what are you focusing on for the Fall/Holiday season? What’s the newest, exciting trends?

We believe in the “No limits” trend (as per the picture) full of purple and violet shades standing in contrast to turquoise. I think it´s a good idea to warm ourselves with vibrant colors in the cold days that are unavoidably coming with the Holiday season J

Which designers/runway fashion shows have been most influential for you in terms of planning your Fall/Holiday line?

It´s hard to say – there are so many! But to name a few it´s Zac Posen, Monique Lhuillier, Bagley-Mishka, Venexianaor Canadian designer brand Originals by Andrea. And I would like to know what inspires these talented designers to come up with all those new brilliant ideas all the time!

Are there any celebrities, bloggers, movies, TV, music festivals, etc., that are driving trends for you lately?

In terms of sparkling embellishments I can name the Big Gatsby movie. Isn´t there something magic on those times?

Anything else you would like to add?

Let´s enjoy the summer and let the summer inspire us for the seasons to come!

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