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IFJAGIFJAG, the International Fashion Jewelry and Accessory Group, is a not-for-profit, member-owned association of premier manufacturers, designers and importers. Together, IFJAG represents hundreds of lines, showing fashion jewelry, accessories and related products from around the world.

The organization’s mission is to be the global source of trend-setting fashion jewelry, accessories and private label products for wholesalers and volume retail buyers.

IFJAG shows are a unique experience–featuring only fashion jewelry and accessories in a venue of individual showrooms. Buyers can walk from one beautiful showroom to the next where they can look, talk, select and purchase in a private setting – free from noise, distractions and the competition. IFJAG Shows take place in February, May and September to cater to a buyer’s need of being a season head.

Accessories caught up with Berc Karakas, president of IFJAG and owner of Los Angeles-based Alexis K, Inc., jewelry company, to discuss IFJAG’s past, present and future.

How long have you been with the company? 

I have been with IFJAG since 1998 (founding year) as a member with my company, Alexis K. Inc. I was elected president last year.

IFJAGWhat is a typical day like for you?

I handle IFJAG business in the mornings with Director Michael Gale. Since we run several large fashion jewelry and accessories shows each year, we are always in the planning stages–finalizing venues, looking at fashion trends and communicating with our 150 members around the world. I also communicate with our Board of Directors quite frequently.  I then move on to the needs of my own business: Alexis K. Inc.

What is your favorite part of this industry?

Since I am a jewelry designer, developing our new designs and lines and showing them to our customers is what I love to do. Following trends and helping to set them is extremely rewarding.

What have been some of the biggest challenges in the market lately?

As with any industry, change is constant. Coming up with new and distinctive jewelry to present at each IFJAG show is an exciting challenge to me as a business owner. Another challenging factor in the market is the changing customer base.

What are the newest and exciting changes in the marketplace lately?

Social media and online shopping have enabled my company to cultivate a global customer base. As we enhance IFJAG’s online and social media presence, we look forward to bringing our exclusive private showroom experience to life even more.

IFJAGHow do you use social media and how has it helped your brand?

We are revitalizing our social media strategy to enable buyers and our over 150 members to communicate effectively. We are also providing ways to showcase our jewelry and accessories along with our private showroom experience, which is unique from any other show.

Does your company have any important milestones coming up? 

For the first time, IFJAG will have a West Coast show! We are very excited because starting in 2016, we will be in Las Vegas as well as NYC and Florida.

Are you launching anything new for Fall/Holiday 2014?

Our members are always on the forefront of fashion jewelry and accessories trends, presenting many new lines at each IFJAG show. My company is currently launching two new lines: A Harem Collection with authentic, handmade oxidized sterling silver line and a micro pave and ceramic collection in sterling silver, which will be available on our website for wholesalers only.

In terms of styling, what are you focusing on for the Fall/Holiday season? 

We are focusing on large cocktail/luxury rings and pendants made with semi precious stones and colored gemstones and rose gold and ceramic rings are in.

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