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Forbes released its top 100 list of “The World’s Most Valuable Brands” and, no surprise here, several fashion companies made the cut.

Nike topped the list of fashion brands, placing 16th on the overall list. The company was listed with a valuation of $29.6 billion, up 8% from last year.

Louis Vuitton came in at #20, with a valuation of $28.8 billion, followed by H&M (#36 at $14.2 billion), Hermes (#44 at $13 billion) and Gucci (#47 at $12.7 billion) rounding out the top five.

Also to be expected, tech companies dominated the top four spots with Apple coming in first, worth an astonishing $170 billion. The entire list accumulates to a valuation $1.95 trillion, up 6% over last year.

Forbes used this method to calculate valuations:

“We evaluated more than 200 global brands to determine the final list of 100. Brands were required to have a presence in the U.S., which knocked out some big brands like multinational telecom firm Vodafone. The top 100 includes product brands like Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Budweiser, as well as brands marketed under their corporate name like Starbucks.

Forbes valued the brands on three years of earnings and allocated a percentage of those earnings based on the role brands play in each industry (e.g., high for luxury goods and beverages, low for airlines and oil companies). We applied the average price-to-earnings multiple over the past three years to these earnings to arrive at the final brand valuable (click here for the complete methodology).”

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