World Cup Trophy to Travel in Style

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Paris—Like many well-heeled travelers flying to the World Cup soccer games in South Africa, the 2010 World Cup trophy will be arriving with in style—inside its own custom Louis Vuitton case.

The trophy, one of the most coveted in all of sports, is awarded to the country that wins the FIFA World Cup soccer games that begin June 11.

Since the tournament began in 1930, the World Cup trophy has traditionally been transported in an armored metal case for security reasons.

This year, however, FIFA World Cup officials commissioned Louis Vuitton to make a travel case for the 14.4 inch-trophy made of 5 kilograms of 18k gold with a malachite base.

Quipped Louis Vuitton spokesman Antoine Arnault: “There was no reason why security couldn’t be synonymous with elegance.”

The case features gold-colored clasps and the famed LV logo theme. The fashion house also has a contract to make another case for the 2014 World Cup.

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