With #JUICYAD, Juicy Couture Flips Paid Sponsorship on Its Head

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#JuicyAd Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture has flipped the script.

With a wink and nod, Juicy Couture’s Fall 2018 global ad campaign puts the focus on all that paid influencer marketing. With the hashtag #JuicyAD and tagline “Paid Partnership with Juicy Couture,” the #JuicyAd campaign features seven social media influencers from around the world, all recruited via the platform. Each expresses her own individuality utilizing the latest Juicy Couture Fall 2018 collection.

Essentially, it’s an ad that captures personal influencer style, but pushed out via paid media, not on influencer platforms. The campaign was shot in NYC by photographer Stas May, with looks from Juicy Couture’s FA18 NYFW Runway collection, as well as Black Label and Juicy X Juicy Couture. Stylist Daniel Packar helped to create looks that match their style and personality, all accented by Juicy’s licensed jewelry, sunglasses, footwear and fragrance.


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To support the launch of Juicy X Juicy Couture at Macy’s the brand will launch #COUTURECHRONICLES on social media to highlight the Juicy girl’s lifestyle. Follow @JuicyCouture on social media for the latest brand announcements and new product debuts.#JuicyAd Juicy Couture

#JuicyAd Juicy Couture

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