Why One Jeweler is Literally Welding Bracelets Onto Customer Wrists

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Not that we have anything against personalization, but permanence might just be the next big thing.

Every IT Girl’s favorite Brooklyn Jeweler has launched the ultimate friendship bracelet, and yes, it’s welded on. In other words, there is no clasp to take it off. Because love–platonic or otherwise–should be everlasting.

“Come get zapped, bring your friends —
it’s the ultimate friendship bracelet.”

The event is the ultimate retail experience, and consumers are waiting in line to have one of the retailer’s jewelers weld a delicate “Forever Sweet Nothing” bracelet onto a wrist or ankle. They’re coming in groups as a friendship event. No appointment necessary, bracelets are $94 (plus tax), anklets are $124 (plus tax) – payments taken on the spot, credit card only.

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