Why Does So Much Ethical Fashion Look the Same?

In The Daily Scoop by Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

On our way to the opening party for a brand-new sustainable apparel store, a friend of mine, who shares my love for ethical and sustainable fashion, turned and asked: “Do we really need another ethical brand making neutral-colored basics?”

I quickly retorted something about how this brand was different because its pieces were better designed, more accessibly priced and produced in a country that needed jobs more — and in the case of the particular label in question, all of that was true. But a part of me knew what she meant. The ethical fashion scene may be a still-burgeoning one, but it’s already a space with more than its fair share of minimalist brands, influencers who wear exclusively earthy colors while posing against white walls and impeccably curated neutral Instagram feeds with desaturated photo filters applied.

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