Whiting & Davis Takes Its Iconic Mesh Back into Jewelry

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Anniversary snake bracelet in sterling silver with blue topaz. Suggested retail: $800

Attleboro Falls, MA—The name Whiting & Davis conjures up images of its iconic mesh handbags and other accessories, which have become a perennial niche in many retailers’ assortments.

Now the company is returning to its roots with the introduction of a fine jewelry collection based upon its 135-year history in mesh manufacturing.

“Fine jewelry was the foundation of the brand, and I am truly thrilled to reinvigorate Whiting & Davis jewelry to world-class status once again,” said Darrin Cutler, chief executive at Whiting & Davis. “During the creation of the debut collections, we were conscious in blending the best of our traditions with modern trends and styling. I am confident in the fact that these pieces represent accessible luxury and timeless styles to be handed down from generation to generation.”

In celebration of its 135th anniversary, one of the new Whiting & Davis collection is called Anniversary, which celebrates its mesh styling heritage with 18K gold and sterling silver mesh that is flexible with a draping fabric-like feel. Wide ribbon-like collar necklaces feature faceted gemstone drops and 18K gold versions offer a bolder statement in gold jewelry than most can afford to do these days. Suggested retails in 18K gold start at about $375 to $795.

Sterling silver and gold vermeil tri-color mesh necklace. Retail: $375

And in tribute to snake bracelets the company made in the 1890s, the new collection includes modernized snake coil bracelets with signature cut gemstones and 18k gold and sterling silver mesh “scales.” Additionally, one-of-a-kind pieces, such as an 18K Cleopatra-inspired collar, also are available.

The Signature Collection takes a more stylized approach to the company’s fashion mesh featuring sterling silver and enamel jewelry bearing a diamond-like grid pattern reminiscent of mesh. Bold, architectural cuffs and sweet, colorful heart pendants and bracelets carry this pattern in colorways such as emerald, ruby and sapphire. Retails about $195 to $400.

Anniversary mesh necklace with citrine. Suggested retail: $625.

Whiting & Davis is up for the challenge of translating its iconic mesh into jewelry.

Besides producing mesh for a variety of uses, the company has created mesh pieces for luxurygoods brands, films, décor, even helped create Michael Jackson’s infamous red leather jacket inlaid with mesh.




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