vPersonalize.com Launches Custom, Design-Your-Own Accessories, Apparel

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custom_print_manufacturing_1San Francisco—vPersonalize.com today announced the launch of its new full-custom, online store for customers to design and buy their own personalized apparel and accessories.

vPersonalize.com features a web-based configurator that allows consumers to design directly on a 3D model of a T-shirt, backpack or bag and get it custom made almost exactly as seen. The customer can layer multiple images, print across seams, or place text just about anywhere.

Tool for ‘Budding Designers’

“To make sure all of these visual gymnastics end up correctly in manufacturing, we had to fully automate the manufacturing pattern generation and grading. Our patent-pending software takes the visual design on a 3D model and automatically creates all the manufacturing patterns, which, when assembled together make the original design” says Bala Selvarajan, co-founder and chief technologist of vPersonalize.com.

The software also supports automatic grading, meaning the customer can see exactly how the design will look on a particular size even before it goes for manufacturing.

“Not just individuals, but corporations and ad agencies can use vPersonalize.com to create full-custom prints for their clients and then merchandise the finished product directly or through their own channels” says Lee Hagelshaw, co-founder and General Counsel for vPersonalize.com.

“Soon, design houses and budding designers can take advantage of our partner program to launch their own products through us. They just need to send a CAD model of their product and the choice of materials to use and we will take care of the rest,” says Raj Sundar, another co-founder of vPersonalize.com. “In effect, we envision we will be the self-publishing equivalent of the fashion design world, where we handle everything from user customization to manufacturing to billing and shipping, leaving the designers to focus on design and branding!”


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