U.S. Chefs Say Crocs Has Right Recipe for Comfort

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Crocs @ WorkNiwot, CO–Mario Batali isn’t the only chef with a fondness for Crocs, the branded line of Croslite-made footwear. Chefs in America has awarded its Crocs @ Work line with the American Masters of Taste “Superior Quality” Gold Medal Seal.

“We commend the manufacturing expertise of Crocs, Inc. for producing a line of work shoes that offer comfort to chefs and others throughout the hospitality industry,” said the members of the Masters of Taste judging panel. In particular, the panel found Crocs@Work products including Bistro, Bistro Vent, Mario Batali Bistro, Mario Batali Bistro Vent, Mercy Work and Neria Work as “superior” in the “comfort work shoe” category.

The judging was part of the U.S.A. Taste Championships founded in 1986 with the establishment of Chefs in America, whose professional board members gather weekly to conduct taste tests on a myriad of food service and retail products. The protocols of “triple blind” judging ensure accurate and fair judging results by requiring that the evaluators do not know who the manufacturer is, what the product variety or brand name is and what the other evaluators’ scores and comments are.

“Crocs @ Work was created with comfort, style and functionality in mind to help provide today’s service professionals with the features they need for on-the-job success,” said Dale Bathum, Crocs’ chief product officer. “Whether you’re a chef, flight attendant, nurse, or hostess, Crocs@Work products are comfortable and stylish enough to weather the toughest of shifts.”

Crocs also received another comfort shoe honor from across the pond. The brand was named the “Comfort/Wellness Footwear Brand of the Year” at the U.K. Footwear Industry Awards ceremony in Birmingham, England, last week. The Footwear Industry Awards seek to recognize those in the footwear industry who display innovation and forward thinking, alongside traditional sales and business acumen.

The awards event was organized by Datateam Business Media with the support of the British Footwear Association (BFA), Independent Footwear Retailers Association (IFRA), the Society of Shoe Fitters (SSF) and Footwear Today. Winners were selected by more than 2,000 industry leaders.


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