Two Unlikely Partners Rock Out in a Fun New Collaboration

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Hello Kitty x KISS Key Cap

Los Angeles—She’s a hair bow-wearing supercute heroine who likes baking cookies, collects cute things and has a pet hamster named Sugar, and, who, by the way, has inspired some 50,000 products (about $5 billion worth) over the years.

They’re the legendary hard rock band from the 70s as famous for their face paint, fire-breathing, and guitar-smoking pyrotechnics as for their music, which has sold some 40 million albums in the United States. (Their latest album “Monster” was released last week).

So what on earth do Hello Kitty and KISS has in common? Plenty, it turns out as the two iconic figures have collaborated on a co-branded collection “Hello Kitty x KISS” that includes merchandise aimed at all ages and making its premiere at retail nationwide this month.

“KISS and Hello Kitty Rocks. Over the past 40 years we have watched proudly as The KISS Army has crossed and come to include all generations and demographics. This co-branding is trailblazing and we have all been very excited about the collaboration of our 2 iconic brands from the beginning,” said Paul Stanley lead singer and co-founder of KISS.

Calling the collaboration “something unique and unexpected” for fans of both, Janet Hsu, COO at Sanrio, which owns Hello Kitty, added: “This is a collection of two unique and timeless icons that appeals to fans of all ages.”

Described as a 70s era “classic” KISS retro collection, many of the figures have Hello Kitty taking on classic KISS profiles.

Hello Kitty x KISS Tote Bag

For the younger set there’ll be supercute T-shirts and accessories while adults will find rocker nostalgia in merchandise ranging from bags, jewelry, stationery, plush, and rocker Hello Kitty x KISS T-shirts.

Two overarching themes will include “Rock ‘N’ Roll / Rock Mood,” and “1976 destroyer/Street Mood.” Each collection will be available at specialty retailers, including Hot Topic, and Claire’s, and select Sanrio boutique stores.


Hello Kitty x KISS Necklace