Trollbeads Brings Distribution In-House

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Princeton, NJ—Danish company Trollbeads has said “bead it!” to its North American distributor Lund Trading and brought distribution in-house.

“Our decision to assume direct control of North American distribution is based primarily on the founding family’s desire to build a more focused, responsive and mutually beneficial working relationship with our retail partners,” says Trollbeads owner Lise Aagaard, discussing the company’s network of more than 1,000 stores that fall within Canada, the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean islands.

The company promises a seamless transition for its retailers, with fulfillment and customer service now being handled direct.

“We believe North American consumers, largely as a result of heavily promoted competing products and subsequent brand confusion, have lost sight of what makes Trollbeads unique,” Aagaard continued. “Trollbeads will dedicate its efforts to work directly and more closely with our retailer jewelry store partners in North America to renew consumer appreciation of Trollbeads’ history, mystique and craftsmanship, and to achieve a much closer interaction with the retailers and consumers.”

Founded in Denmark in 1976, Trollbeads (Troldekugler) developed the original charm bead bracelet jewelry concept. Under the Trollbeads brand, parent company Lise Aagaard Copenhagen A/S, operates in more than 50 countries through its distribution network. The company’s North American headquarters is located in Princeton, New Jersey.

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