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How’s this for a bright idea? Bring neon back and let it continue to sizzle, season after season! Designers continue to reinvent neon on new, fresh ways, whether paired with black for an 80s feel or naturals for something entirely new.

Where to Find Neon (Sponsored):

Gena Accessories
Neon Collection


Gena Accessories

Summer fun scarf
Style Number: PO-667
SRP: $29


Big, bold, colorful unisex watches
Style Name: Neon Series
SRP: $270

Juliet & CompanyJanna Conner Designs

 Juliet & Company

Chrysanthemum earrings
Style Number: JE3115
SRP: $39

Janna Conner Designs

Yellow enamel ivana necklace
Style Number: 5846
SRP: $100

Marissa Del Rosario Robert Rose

Marissa Del Rosario

Bold, sophisticated, leather GEN X bracelets
Style Number: GDTQGD-1361
SRP: $60


Robert Rose

Neon mix stone cuff
Style Number: 35138-46
SRP: $32


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