Trend Alert: Spring Scarves

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Spring’s warmer days are finally upon us, but man, those chilly nights have yet to disappear. Short of lugging around a coat in your bag or staying inside once the sun goes down, figuring out how to keep warm during spring nights is key to warding off catching a cold (which would put a damper on enjoying the sunny days!). Because we are always here to help you — and because all of us have actually caught colds! — we’ve come up with a fabulous solution to make sure that you are fashionable this spring, and healthy: scarves.

Perfect for topping off an outfit and transitioning it from daytime to night, the spring scarf will keep the chilly breezes away from your chest and help to ensure that you won’t be seeing a doctor — at least not this season!

Stay healthy, stay fashionable. Here’s how.


Luxurious Length

Keep your longer, printed scarves in stock this spring and use them to transition from day to night while keeping your neck covered and warm. Pair the printed pattern with a basic tee for a quick and easy way to dress up a basic or mix your prints with multiple patterns and hues for more excitement.


Bright Navajo Scarf, Piper


To Infinity and Neon

An infinity scarf is ideal for the fluctuations of spring weather. The circle cut makes it easy to throw on in a hurry, but also keeps the additional fabric near your neckline. To keep the cold out and your health intact, you’ll need to ensure that your scarf isn’t letting cold air rush down your shirt. An infinity scarf stops this from happening without you ever having to think about it!


Infinity Scarf, Addicted


Light & Lifted

If you like to keep your style color palette a bit more muted, opt for a toned-down pastel in a lightweight fabric to get you through the spring season.


Silk Scarf, Monarch Boutique