Tory Burch’s Ex to Launch Own Lifestyle Brand

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New York— C. Wonder is a new brand with big ambitions.

Most lifestyle brands start with apparel and slowly expand into accessories (or vice versa) through in-house development or licenses. Newcomer C. Wonder is bursting on the scene with everything at once, and then some, not to mention a three-tiered business strategy including wholesale, branded retail stores and an e-commerce businesses.

But owner Chris Burch has cred when it comes to building lifestyle brands. He helped create the Tory Burch empire (his ex-wife) and maintains a position on the company’s board of directors.

C. Wonder tote

The 5,100-square foot flagship store opens in Soho the end of October.

C for Confidence?

Maybe the “C” in the company name stands for confidence, as the initial tagline on the website’s “under construction” page said, “You’ve waiting your whole life for this!” (Now it just says “Wonder now has an address.”)

The launch ambitiously includes fashion apparel, accessories, home decor and more, all with a cohesive vision of vivid color, signature logos, print and pattern. There are stackable enamel bangles, ikat print tea cups, vintage tortoise sunglasses, printed ceramic jars, suede driving moccasins in a rainbow of colors, vintage style jewelry, personal electronics. Also look for “wow” pieces like bicycles and mopeds.

C. Wonder teacups

But C. Wonder is just one of Chris Burch’s fashion/style projects, which include the launch of the Monika Chiang lifestyle brand, the stylish office/desktop Poppin line, an apparel line with PR star Kelly Cutrone and an upscale home furnishings brand).

Stay tuned.

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