The Luxury Online Fashion Market is Set to More Than Triple by 2025

In The Daily Scoop by Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

While luxury fashion brands were generally slow to embrace e-commerce, shoppers have made it clear that they’re more and more comfortable buying even their high-end stuff online. A number of e-commerce models have emerged to sell those customers their luxury goods, and McKinsey took a look at how each of them is faring. In a recent report titled “The age of digital Darwinism,” the management consulting firm identified some approaches seeing continued success.

While monobrand e-commerce—sites like or, set up to sell a single brand—still brings in the largest volume of sales, marketplaces aren’t far behind, and they’re growing much faster. These include sites such as Farfetch, Drexcode, Etsy, The RealReal, Vestiaire, and Asos. Read more at Quartz


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