The Headwear Association Sponsors Annual “Hat Day in the Sun,” June 26

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The Headwear Association advises consumers to look for hats with 2.5-inch and larger brims and a UPF rating of 50 to stay protected in the sun. (PRNewsFoto/The Headwear Association)

The Headwear Association advises consumers to look for hats with 2.5-inch and larger brims and a UPF rating of 50 to stay protected in the sun. (PRNewsFoto/The Headwear Association)

Los Angeles—After a brutal winter and cooler-than-normal spring in much of the country, summertime is all about relaxing in the sun. Provided you use sun protection, that is.

On Wednesday, June 26, The Headwear Association (THA) will bring its sun protection message to a head with its sixth annual “Hat Day in the Sun”—a national public awareness campaign to educate adults and children that the right hat can protect against skin cancer, sun damage, and premature aging.

Skin cancer is now the most common of all cancers and 90% of all skin cancers are caused by overexposure to the sun.

THA is sponsoring events around the country tomorrow, and THA members will be giving away 1,000s of free wide brimmed, sun protection hats in cities around the country, including New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Detroit and Boulder, Colorado.

2013 Hat Day in the Sun Locations

New York CityHarlem Hat Heaven at 6 p.m.
2538 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd (at W. 147th St)
Stockton, CAVictory Park “Concert in the Park”, 1001 North Pershing Ave. at 6 p.m.
DetroitKarmonos Cancer Center at 12 noon
(This is an event for cancer patients being treated at the hospital.)
Boulder, COWeekends Retail Store at 12 noon, Pearl Street Mall
BostonPost Office Square at 12 noon
Lancaster, PABinns Park at 10 a.m.
Queen Street, Lancaster, PA
Los AngelesEagle Rock Farmers Market at 4 p.m. (This event is taking place on June 28)
MediaNoche, 5048 Eagle Rock Blvd., Eagle Rock, CA
Charleston, SCMarion Square Park at 3 p.m. (This was a kick-off event held on June 21)

The free hats are being provided by Broner Hats, Dorfman-Pacific, Bollman Hat Company, Magid Hats, Wallaroo Hats, Korber Hats, F&M Hats and San Diego Hat Company.

For those who don’t live in one of the host cities, you can win a sun protection hat on the THA Facebook page. Enter to win a free sun protection hat by simply “Like”-ing the THA Facebook page and commenting on your favorite hat:

What makes a perfect Sun Hat?  The Headwear Association recommends the following tips:

  • Harlem Hat Day in the Sun!

    Harlem Hat Day in the Sun!

    Wide Brims. Choose hats with at least a 2.5-inch brim and always wear sunscreen and a hat when outside. Women’s hats with brims larger than 5 inches also offer shoulder and décolletage protection from the sun.

  • Curved Shapes. Look for hats that follow the contour of the head and neck. These shapes offer the best protection against ultraviolet radiation. A baseball cap is not recommended as it leaves the cheeks, ears and back of the neck exposed.
  • Opaque Materials. The denser the fabric, the higher the UPF. Choose close-weave fabrics or tightly woven straw. Many hats have been tested for sun protection qualities, and include an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) number on the label. Fabrics are rated with a UPF rather than SPF, which only applies to sunscreens. UPF labels indicate how much of the sun’s UVR is absorbed by the product’s fabric. For instance, a hat with a UPF of 50 allows just 1/50th of the sun’s UVR to reach the skin.
  • For further information about The Headwear Association and “Hat Day in the Sun,” visit