The forgotten Accessory: Spring 2013 Sunglasses trends

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As a Florida resident, sunglasses play an important role since the sun stays up to 7pm! Of course, sunglasses are not just a necessary. They also allow us to portray a cool and relaxed demeanor. So here is some trends in sunglasses, we just love.

New Shape

Ray Ban Octagon sunglasses

We loved the cartoon graze that covered the runway but these octagonal shapes create all new angles for the face. For a sophisticated look, get them in wire styles like the ray bans above or go for a acrylic in a bright color for a more fun look.

Something old becomes new again

Oversized UV sunglasses at Chanel

These shades were once made popular by the older set who wanted to protect there eyes from all four corners. Now, these shades have become a staple for the more affluent crowd. Oversized UV sunglasses graced the runway at Chanel as seen above.

It’s not just for Clothes

Dolce & Gabbana oversized printed sunglasses

Adornment and prints on sunglasses are another trend gracing the runway. Dolce and Gabbana were one of the designers that showcased prints on oversized sunglasses.

It’s not just for jewelry

Erdem glasses at – $290

As statement jewelry is on it’s way out, other accessories have taken it’s place. Sunglasses in bold colors, reflective lenses and unusual shapes are the next big thing to grace your face and enhance your wardrobe. We also saw clear shades as a trend which mimics the lucite trend in jewelry.

Best Places to get these sunglasses:


  • Forever 21 for clear shades
  • Charolette Russe for printed styles (now $5)
  • Love Culture for statement shades
  • Aldo for oversized shades ($12)


  • Guess for oversided shade (78 to 120)
  • BCBG Maxmaria Octagon shades (109 and up)
  • Micheal Kors for clear shades (98 and up)


  • Nordstrom for runway shades
  • Sunglass Hut for variety

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