The Fashion Ailment? “Poshitis”

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Victoria Beckham carrying one of her signature large size totes

Victoria Beckham carrying one of her signature large size totes

London—Victoria Beckham, aka “Posh Spice,” may have been awarded “Woman of the Decade” last week by Glamour, but the singer-turned-designer has another less flattering term associated with her fashion savvy: “Poshitis.”

The diminutive Beckham has long had a fondness for large handbags, such as Hermès’ Birkin, as well as her own leathergoods line which also places emphasis on larger silhouettes.

Doctors, however, are reporting more cases of “Poshitis” where patients report damaged elbows, joints and shoulders from carrying large bags.

“Your elbow was designed to be a moving joint, not a hook for your purse,” fitness therapy expert Jill Miller told ABC News.  “Sore necks, sore upper backs, sore shoulders and shoulders that have been pulled out of place and tendinitis in the elbows, these are all a direct result of carrying these handbags.”

The American Chiropractic Association recommends that a handbag should weigh no more than 10% of your total body weight.

Doctors say carrying bags that weigh more than 5 pounds can be hazardous to your health. One survey that came out in 2010 found that the average handbags weighs about 23 pounds the equivalent of carrying a toddler around!

Other recommendations include carrying a bag with long straps, such as a cross body style, because the strap across the wearer’s chest distributes the weight better and takes the weight off the shoulder.

And while they may not be the most fashion-forward, backpacks provide equal weight distribution on the shoulders. A rolling bag is another option—no weight whatsoever.

While doctors warn of Poshitis on larger bags, the trend now is toward smaller silhouettes such as cross body, clutches and other smaller silhouettes.

In fact, in her latest handbag collection, Beckham is veering toward the smaller trend, offering several mini-totes and clutches.

A new python mini-tote from Beckham's latest leathergoods collection.

A new python mini-tote from Beckham’s latest leathergoods collection.


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