The College Report: Wild shaped bags

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When I hear “wild shaped bags” I immediately think of very peculiar designs by luxury handbag designers, usually put into runway shows. Chanel is the first brand of bag that comes to mind, although Prada comes a close second.

Chanel likes to do things such as the Lego Bag, which is priced at £5,730.

The Chanel Hula Hoop Bag, which according to this article has been given it’s name by the internet, has also graced the runway in the Spring 2013 collection.

 Other designers also love to create wearable art such as Kathleen Dustin, who’s bags are made out of polymer clay.

I personally think that bags in and of themselves are wearable art and you don’t need to wear polymer clay on your shoulder to make a statement, but finding a unique bag at a decent price is definitely possible, even though because these bags are usually not mass produced and are rare, you will tend to find them be a little bit pricey.

This first bag is called the Keybag. Priced at  130 €, This bag is very much a unique piece that you wont be able to find just anywhere. If this is the kind of bag you are looking for, especially to use as a great conversational piece for your college friends or even possibly a future employer who would appreciate the artistic side of handbag creation, then this is right up your alley.

If you are looking to tone it done a notch, if you are just looking for a unique bag that is somewhat conventional, then bags such as this Skull Orbit Bag priced at $69 is a good choice.

Happy shopping!