The College Report: Crossbody Bags

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Crossbody bags are a must have for your wardrobe in college. They are the perfect bag for the chic chick on-the-go. Being a college student spending $100 minimum in train fare to go to Manhattan for various things makes me want a handsfree bag to scout handbag talent for my internship, shake hands with designers, or rummage through the racks of clothes in the sales sections of Forever 21 and H&M. Im 100% positive that I am not the only chick that despises setting my beautiful bag on the bathroom floor in Penn Station, or having my shoulder practically be broken from the masses bumping into me as I walk down seventh avenue. The solution? Say it with me… Crossbody bags.


The truly beautiful nature of this type of bag is the fact that it is not limited to just one size. Crossbody bags come in all sizes, and still seem to reflect the latest bag trends such as color blocking and animal print, unlike something such as a fanny pack.



Take for example this Cole Haan color blocked cross body, which is one of my personal favorites. Despite the fact that it is a little smaller in size, it still is a fab pick if your looking for a simple handsfree daily bag to carry all of your essentials. Retail $198







Another cross body that is around the same size but is much smaller in price is this Giani Bernini crossbody. Another bag that has caught my eye that is available in a nice blue for spring. Retail: $63.99








A smaller crossbody is also a good investment if you’re looking for something very simple. This Nine West crossbody is perfect for someone on-the-go who is looking for something hands free, with plenty of pockets and places to put valuables, as well as a lightweight bag for tons of movement freedom. Retail: $35.99







Next is a bag by a designer that I am personally obsessed with. This Elliott Lucca 3-way demi back is extremely versatile. It can function as a shoulder bag, a crossbody, or a clutch. Talk about multi-functionality! “3 for you Elliott Lucca, you go Elliott Lucca!” Retail: $108 (on sale for $44.99)







I am also Coach obsessed as most people are, and rightfully so. Constantly evolving to match all the recent trends, this bag is the perfect balance of simplicity with a touch of wild colors in its color blocked nature, and still maintains the elegance typically inherent in Coach’s designs. Retail: $117.60 (Was $168. Cha-Ching).




The moral of the story is this: Yes crossbody bags are usually smaller in design, but for a reason. A crossbody is a perfect fit for someone who wakes up in the morning with a busy day ahead of them and thinks, “ya know, the inner nook of my forearm is still red from carrying my bag all day yesterday, it’s time for a break.” Fling the strap around your shoulder and rest the bag on your hip and get going chick, those errands aren’t going to run themselves. It’s grind time, so take with you the bag that wont hold you back.

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