The College Report: Bags for Tweens

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Im back today with a college report on “bags for tweens.” At first I was contemplating on what a college student would want with a bag for a “tween,” but then it hit me…

How many of us college students have younger siblings 16 and under? (By the way, this is what I consider a tween… Ages may vary according to everyones opinion) Well, It is entirely common that us college people have younger siblings and what better gift for a handbag lover to give to a younger sibling but a handbag? Any excuse to shop for a bag.

Lets look at a few lower priced bags that would be perfect for any type of gift for tween.

The first bag that I think would be great is this Xhilaration Key Item Crossbody in Coral. I think that Target is a perfect place to get good priced bags for someone who is younger… Lower priced items that still keep up with the latest trends in the handbag industry. You can go ahead and get them a higher end bag, but I would recommend going with something less pricey so they can not worry about ruining it as much. Retail: $24.99


Xhilaration also makes this great mint quilted crossbody, also available at Target. This goes along the same lines as the first one, but what I love about this idea is that first of all, Spring is approaching very soon. Although Mint colored anything is awesome to rock any season, it is most appropriate to wear in the Spring or Summer. Being quilted with a chain strap also keeps to the current trends in handbag fashion, which is always a plus. Retail: $19.99



Another important thing to note is that most department stores such as Nordstrom have a “Juniors” tab on their homepage. This is a great way to narrow your search, because for the most part, the bags are all on the lower priced end of the spectrum and they appeal to a younger age group with their fun and fresh colors and designs.



An example would be this Studded Convertible Crossbody. It is a very young and hip style for Tweens, but honestly, I love this bag too and I am 20 years old. Its a very trendy simple bag that can be worn on multiple occasions and can stay with them for as long as it lasts. (The picture doesn’t do the bag justice so make sure to check out the link) Retail: $38.00



If you want to buy a more expensive handbag and are moving into bigger named brands, I would say to stick to smaller bags such as wristlets, crossbody bags, hobos, or smaller sized totes. Anything that is simple but has a fun element should be a great option for a tween. Other brands that have bags with a lot of fun elements would be Juicy Couture, The Coach Poppy Collection, Dooney & Bourke, Betsey Johnson, or LeSportsac.

Happy Shopping!