The 2013 List of Most Admired Online Retailers, Consumers’ Favorites

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amazonthWashington–These days there seem to be more e-commerce sites than there are stars in the heavens. But which online retailers are the best and the brightest in the Internet universe?

Polling the National Retail Federation (NRF) and members, Stores Media asked survey participants to name “the e-commerce retailer they most admired,” and after tallying the results, there were five clear winners. They are:,,, and

According to the retailers, business partners and industry experts who weighed in on the topic, these five companies share many of the same priorities: innovation, social responsibility, customer-centric culture, quality of products and service, supply chain efficiency, the ability to capture and retain customers and financial soundness.

Consumers Rank Their Favorites

“It’s a unique list of most-admired retailers because it ranges from companies that provide a very broad mix of products to those that specialize in niche offerings,” said Susan Reda, editor at Stores. “The results suggest the industry’s enduring value proposition around innovation—whether it’s linked to new loyalty and payment processes or to creative ways of looking at a category. Also, the role of social media and the ability to blend content with commerce continue to gain in importance.”

However, consumers had their say, too, in what online retailers they feel are the best of the best. The annual Favorite 50 Online Retailers survey, conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, which asks shoppers to identify their favorite online retailers.

Rankings were based on the total number of responses to the following open-ended questions: “What website do you shop most often for apparel items?” and “What website do you shop most often for non-apparel items?”

“People choose online shopping sites for various reasons, but new, innovative and personalized features seem to be what brings consumers back to their favorite retailer’s website time and time again,” said Prosper Insights & Analytics Consumer Insights Director Pam Goodfellow. “Many of these Top 50 have rewritten the rules when it comes to retaining and attracting online customers, and as such, will likely remain a topic of conversation for a long time.”

The Top 10 are as follows:











A few newcomers found their way into people’s hearts and onto the list this year, including, which debuted at No. 39, and, landing at No. 43.

About the Surveys

Stores Media polled more than 50 NRF and members between June 24 and July 12 about the e-commerce site they most admired. Responses were tallied and the companies with the top five mentions were designated “most admired.”

The Favorite 50 Online Retailers is a list of e-commerce websites as ranked by the consumers who use them. The survey polled 5,606 consumers from June 4 to 11, and asked two open-ended questions: “What website do you shop most often for apparel items?” and “What website do you shop most often for non-apparel items?” The complete list was compiled by ranking online retailers in order of total mentions and is published in the September issue of Stores.




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