Teens Show Spirit on Neon Day; Raise $$$ for Haiti

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Hannah Kay and Matthew Weigel of Covenant Day during their high school's Neon Week

Charlotte, NC—One high school is really “socking it” to ‘em!

The freshman class of Covenant Day in Charlotte developed a philanthropy theme of “Leaving an Impact One Step at a Time” and collected socks to send to Haiti.

The school sold tickets for a winter dance and collected around $3,000 from the High School Winter Formal, ultimately donating over 250 pairs of socks to Haiti.

Pictured are high school freshman Hannah Kay and Matthew Weigel, who are brightening up an already bright mood by dressing up for the school’s annual Neon Day.

Kay certainly has hosiery in her genes. She is the daughter of Sally Kay, the president/ceo of The Hosiery Association.


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