Taryn Rose on Returning to Her Namesake Brand

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Taryn Rose

Orthopedic surgeon Taryn Rose was one of the first to innovate comfortable, stylish footwear that’s also healthy for women’s feet in the late ’90s. Now, Global Brands Group in partnership with Authentic Brands Group brings Taryn back to the brand for their new fall debut.

For Fall ’17, Rose says they are highlighting luxurious materials that are central to the brand’s DNA—both beautiful and comfortable. “We have buttery soft nappa leathers and rose-embossed deatles, a signature Taryn Rose look,” the designer explains, adding that Spring ’18 will portray “femininity and toughness,” incorporating rose gold leather, transparent mesh and athleisure styling. We sat down with the designer, a self-proclaimed “Millennial on the inside,” to find out how she’s feeling back in the driver’s seat.

What do you want this collection to say about your brand?

Taryn Rose has always been about women looking and feeling like the best version of themselves. We exist to serve both her look and her sense of well-being (the ultimate luxury) with clean, timeless designs and the latest comfort technologies executed with the best materials and workmanship. For the debut collection from the new Taryn Rose, we’re speaking to modern women who are the CEOs of their lives.

Rose says statement booties are a highlight of the Fall collection.

How does it feel to be back in the role?

We’re building the new Taryn Rose with a dream team. I have a great deal of respect for Authentic Brands Group and Global Brands Group, and together we’re restoring and continuing my original vision to create the leading comfortable fashion brand in the luxury space. GBG President of footwear Jimmy Gabriel is a true visionary, while having a firm grip on the fundamentals of the footwear business. Being able to offer insight into the past as well as perspective on the Taryn Rose woman is so meaningful to me as an entrepreneur. I say it’s a dream team because I can spend my time authentically representing the brand to consumers, retailers and media in an age where transparency and access to founders is expected.

Who is your core customer?

The Taryn Rose woman is the CEO of her life. She knows what she wants and is a leader in her circle of influence. She appreciates high quality and long-term value over hype because she’s confident, and she knows that true luxury is comfort. Women 14 to 80 wear Taryn Rose, and it’s less a demographic than it is a way of living. Just as she balances other aspects her life, she balances fashion with her well-being.

The rose is a signature element for the brand.

What has changed in footwear since you first created the brand?

I’m a Millennial inside, and connecting with customers directly on social media is so thrilling for me. I built Taryn Rose on word of mouth alone for a long time. Now there’s Facebook and Instagram as megaphones for women who are so passionate about the brand. Of course there is also more competition now, with many apparel brands launching footwear as an afterthought. Shoes are technical products that must be designed to serve their purpose of supporting the body. Every millimeter makes a difference in fit and comfort, and I cringe when I see poorly made shoes. Of course they also need to be beautiful and emotionally engaging to sell and that’s why Taryn Rose footwear exists. When I first created Taryn Rose there weren’t many other female founders in the footwear space. There are more now, who have followed in my footsteps to solve the problems we all share, and I support their missions because we are all moving the industry forward.

What’s your favorite style?

I’ve never been able to answer that question. That would be like asking who is my favorite child. Like my children, each style has its strengths. Right now I’m loving the Edina, a rose gold ballerina flat with crisscross ribbon straps, from our Spring 2018 line to pair with floaty summer dresses.  I’ll probably wear the Carina most often though. It’s a rose embossed knitted upper that fits my studio-to-street style in Los Angeles. Statement booties are also a go-to for me and my friends these days, so we have plenty in the new line.