Target Too: The Latest Branding Vehicle, a Pop Up Art Gallery

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Target mascot made from Legos

Target mascot made from Legos

New York—There are pop up stores to promote new products, new collections or a brand. Target has opened what it calls a temporary “design-to-digital” pop up in New York named Target Too.

While there is Target merchandise on display, it’s being displayed as never before—as art in an art gallery in Chelsea. The gallery setting is dominated by a larger-than-life-sized LEGO version of Target’s bulldog mascot. Visitors can have their selfies turned into eos lip balm dots, design the ideal table setting or make a T-shirt of their choice.

Merchandise as Artwork

Chief Creative Officer Todd Waterbury said in a statement: “I like that it begins to loosen and play with the meaning of what a gallery, a store, a playground, even what an Instagram feed is, and what the integration of technology can do within a bounded space—how it can deepen and expand the meaning of each of these.”


Pop-ups have become a popular way for a small brand or e-commerce retailer to get its collections in front of customers and boost sales without the commitment of a lease. Target’s pop-up, however, doesn’t sell anything at all. Instead it aims to be a playful connection between potential customers and product, featuring mosaics, statues and interactive installations all made out of items you can find at Target.

The mass merchant’s description says it best: “Target Too is the place where products come to play. It’s centered on expressing the meaning of the word ‘too’ by offering something ‘more,’ something ‘extra’ in elevating, personalizing and evolving the Target experience. ‘Too’ is also about inclusivity, which felt right since the space is open to all, and each piece in it is created from Target products that are beautiful, accessible and affordable. Together, these meanings express our promise of ‘Expect More. Pay Less.’ in a new way.”

Design Your Own

Design Your Own

The pop-up, located at 511 West 25th Street, will run from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

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