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Item of the Day: Anthony Lent

In Item of the Day, What's New by Jeff Prine

Remember: “Hearts, Stars, and Horseshoes, Clovers, and Blue Moons! Pots of Gold and Rainbows, and me Red Balloons!” Well how about hearts, moons, stars, skulls and frogs? That’s the sometimes irreverent view that master jewelry Anthony Lent brings to his designs. He calls his critters the “feared and fabled.” If …

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Knuckle Ring Jewelry for Summer!

In Blogs by RocksPaperMetal

Knuckle ring jewelry for summer, summer, summer time…is what’s on all our minds! The weather is heating up, our wardrobes are transitioning, and so are the accessories. This season, for summer 2013 knuckle rings are your go to item. As nail art continues to be going strong with no end in sight dressing up the hands is what its all about. We are so excited about this trend because of the variety of styles to choose from. From dainty midi rings, chunky double brass, to chain pieces, stackable, and geometric versions.