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Item of the Day

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Ok, we did let out quite a loud “what the…??” yelp when these photos came into our in-boxes, but they did get us thinking… With so many long-tressed, fashionable women spending tons of money on professional hair blowouts, shower steam and water have become Fashion Enemy #1. Enter their new BFF: …

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Lady Gaga to Do Hat Internship with Treacy

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London—Philip Treacy, the British hat designer responsible for some of the outré—some would say monstrous—hat designs at this year’s Royal Wedding, told the Guardian this week that he has a new intern: Lady Gaga. Confirming rumors—which actually surfaced more than a year ago—that pop songstress, a lover of his outrageous …

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Dorfman Pacific Licenses Stetson

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Stockton, CA—Headwear company Dorfman Pacific has reached a licensing deal with Stetson. The deal includes dress, cloth caps, outdoor and golf headwear for men and women. “For an American company to add an American heritage brand to its portfolio is always a cause for celebration,” said Dorfman Pacific CEO Douglas …