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Etsy’s Easter Basket of Peeps

In Retail News, Fashion, What's New by Marilise Gavenas

Who doesn’t love the blobby brightness of Peeps? Especially at Easter? That’s why the maker of marshmallow candies launched its own line of Peeps-themed accessories like yellow chick bucket hats and purple bunny shoelace embellishments. And why—where we found the $7.75 charm bracelet from Made4UBySisters2 shown above—is overrun with …

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Item of the Day

In Item of the Day, What's New by Dana Cassidy

Ladies, it’s time to spread your wings. This divine scarf from Shovava—depicting wings, feathers and florals—is so light and airy that it has us feeling like an ethereal nature goddess ready to take flight. Made from natural cotton voile, hand painted and digitally printed, it will be a challenge to …