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Horst “Photographer of Style” Exhibit Boosted by Instagram Competition

In What's New, Industry News by Lauren Parker

London—In Paris in the 1930s, one photographer’s singular name was on every fashionista’s lips: Horst. And now the iconic German fashion photographer is about to become an Instagram muse. The Victoria & Albert Museum’s upcoming exhibit “Horst: Photographer of Style” features 250 photographs from this master of light, composition, elegance …

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Alzheimer’s Association Voted Winner of $75,000 Donation from DSW

In Marketing, What's New, Industry News by Accessories Staff

Columbus, OH—DSW Inc., the branded footwear and accessories retailer, has announced its winner in its Shoe Lovers Care Leave Your Mark program: the Alzheimer’s Association, based in Chicago. This nonprofit organization was nominated by Patti Gilligan, director of Change Management at DSW, and its mission is to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease …

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Competition: Be in a Race Against Yourself. Only.

In Blogs by HBD Network

I am asked all the time by designers, I am worried to show my bag since someone is going to knock it off. I must send a wake-up call to everyone to main things: 1) no one is going to knock you off if your bag doesn’t have sales and traction behind it and 2) your bag has probably be done before and if it hasn’t–be forewarned–there must have been a reason why. Handbags are not art like a painting. You do not want your customer to buy them and hang them on the wall. … Continue reading