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Trend Finder: Insects/Bugs

In Trend Finder, What's New by Accessories Staff

As fall brings us cold weather, we like to highlight our outfits with summer animals like butterflies, bees and bugs. Trendy iPhone cases, hair jewelry, large necklaces and bracelets value up a colorful outfit. Where to Find Insects/Bugs (Sponsored):     Galleria Armadoro Pink Gold Plated Beetle Ring Style Name/Number: Cassandra/DK.2638/R/PRPL/PG …

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Item of the Day

In Item of the Day, What's New by Lauren Parker

It’s critter season! It might be the Chinese Year of the Snake, but that’s hardly the only thing slithering, crawling and flying around on accessories these days. We’re also really fond of Mother Nature’s other children, namely frogs, lizards, butterflies and bees, which are perfectly captured by these new rings …