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American Apparel Ex-CEO Dov Charney Defends Himself in Bankruptcy Court

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Wilmington, DE—Ousted American Apparel CEO/Founder Dov Charney made what could be his final attempt to wrestle back the bankrupt Made-in-the-USA apparel and accessories retailer. Speaking at bankruptcy court here, Charney, whose $300 million takeover bid with Hagan Capital Group and Silver Creek Capital Partners was rejected, In what press reports …

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As Expected, American Apparel Files Bankruptcy, Reorganization Plans

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Los Angeles—It appeared inevitable: after failing to make a profit or turnaround sales and operations since 2009, American Apparel Inc. filed today for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and revealed a reorganization plan that would keep its retail and made-in-USA manufacturing facilities open. Under the agreement reached with its most secured …