Summer jewerly Trends for every style

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The summer just around the corner and has we gear up our tribal clothes, we all start to wonder, how do we accessorize all this tribal without looking like we stepped out of the jungle? Well, tribal jewelry may be in vogue, other trends are also in the spotlight. So here are some jewelry trends that won’t clash nor exaggerate those tribal clothes: neon crystal, raw stones and geometric shapes.

Neon lights

Crystal Neon Pop

This trend is versatile with crystal accents added to a variety of materials including friendship bracelets, metal, and of course, in stand alone format. Here is a breakdown of the look in every style:

Punk/rock: Stick to the metal and rhinestone for an edge. Look for that pop of neon in yellow but pink may be a little too much. (unless you are into dark romance)

Classic/Casual: We love the rope accents with this trend. Classic stick to thick rope while casual should try the friendship bracelet merge.

Vintage/Romance/Glam: Go full rhinestone!! Vintage should try large rhinestone combinations, romance should have a single rhinestone center and Glam should try to look for rhinestone chain and rhinestone cluster combinations.

Raw stones

Raw stones

Sliced Agates are in the driver’s seat of this trend because they can be easily dyed a rainbow of colors. However, on the higher end of the cost spectrum, raw stones include turquoise, amethyst and even emeralds are used. here is a breakdown of the look in every style:

Punk/rock: Stick to raw stones with metal accents, cut outs within the metal surrounding the stone is a nice update to full metal pieces.

Classic/Causal: Raw stones encrusted in metal or just raw stones on chain both work but necklaces should be a preference.

Vintage/Glam: Adding crystal accents to raw stones gives it an old Hollywood glam. This feature is best seen in rings.

Romance: You can try this look in earrings since the lack of polish could be overwhelming.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes

Nothing says tribal more then triangles and other pointy shapes combined into jewelry so pairing this trend with tribal is not recommended. Actually, this trend should be worn in lieu of tribal clothing especially if you do not plan to add the trend to your yearly wardrobe rotation.

Punk/Rock: Metal cutouts are your friends!!

Classic/casual: Look for geometric shapes with few accents.

Vintage/glam: Look for pieces with rhinestones in geometric shapes. It may be easier to get pieces with metal and crystal accents.

Romance: Bright colored geometric jewelry are perfect especially in pastel colors.

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