Study: Mobile Commerce to Hit $9 Billion this Year

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San Mateo, CA—With some 74 million American consumers already using their mobile phone for shopping, U.S. mobile shopping sales could reach $9 billion this year, up from $2.4 billion in 2010.

According to a study by InMobi, one of the leading independent mobile advertising networks, mobile commerce is already mainstream, and a growing number of mobile shoppers would rather use their mobile devices than shop on their personal computers or laptops.

15% Bought Apparel Via Mobile Device

In its survey of 15,000 mobile users in 14 countries asked about their mobile habits, InMobi found Americans account for a significant portion of the 310 million consumers already shopping through their mobile phones.

Of the consumers who are already using the mobile Internet, 49%  said they prefer shopping in stores. Another 35% said they are comfortable shopping with their mobile devices. Only 16% prefer shopping from their PC or laptop, InMobi found.

“The really key finding is that mobile is going to cannibalize PC consumption,” said James Lamberti, vice president of global research and marketing at InMobi, San Mateo, CA. “This will have a big impact on marketers as they begin to leverage mobile in a way they aren’t doing today.”

The most popular purchases from a mobile device are mobile content/games, which 42% of those surveyed said they had purchased via mobile. Another 19% said they purchased electronics through their mobile phone. And 15% said they purchased apparel over their phones. Other online sales included: 13% for entertainment tickets and 12% for travel.

In addition, 63% of respondents called their mobile shopping experience was “positive.”

“Consumers are way ahead of marketers when it comes to mobile,” Lamberti said. “Thirty to 40% of Americans are accessing the mobile web on a monthly basis and that number will double over the next couple of years.

“Mobile shopping is already commonplace, with one in four Americans influenced by or purchasing goods from their mobile devices,” added Lamberti. “It’s an exciting time for the consumer, retailer and manufacturer as mobile shopping solutions will become more intelligent and compelling to use. The clear consumer acceptance has opened huge opportunities in the world of mobile advertising.”