Study: Affluent Shoppers Rapidly Adopting Mobile Lifestyle

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Affluents Mobile ShoppingStevens, PA—More than half of affluent consumers used mobile devices for research purposes, including travel and dining reservations. That’s an increase from fewer than 25% who used them in 2011.

According to a new study by Unity Marketing of nearly 1,000 affluent consumers (average income $248.9k), 98% of those surveyed used the Internet to stop and make purchases in the three-month study period. These shoppers spend on average $3,702 on their high-end online purchases and spend about 5 hours per week online conducting shopping related activities.

While the study found that affluents go online for buying goods and services, to research purchases, for travel and dining reservations, for social networking and other uses such as news, banking, bill paying and watching videos didn’t change significantly from 2011 to 2013, what dramatically change is how affluents increasingly go online through mobile devices.

“Affluents use of mobile devices has more than doubled in only one year. In 2012 more than half of all affluents said they use mobile devices for shopping research; travel and dining reservations; news and information; social networking and banking and videos. Further nearly 40 percent used their mobile devices to make a purchase, while nearly doubled from 2011 when only 22 percent purchased via mobile,” explains Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing and lead researcher in the study.

Younger Affluents Most Likely to Purchase Via Mobile

There’s an age gap, too, on which affluent consumers use mobile devices more.

Danziger says, “Young affluents (under 45 years of age and incomes of $100k or more) are far more active using mobile devices in all major categories. A majority or more of the young affluents report having used a mobile device in the past three months to make a purchase, research a purchase, make travel or dining plans and reservations, to get news and information, for social or professional networking, for banking, bill paying or watching videos.”

On the other hand, only about one third of mature affluents (45 to 70 years and incomes $100k or more) have used mobile devices in any of these ways, with fewer than one-fourth of mature affluents using a mobile device to make a purchase, to do banking or to watch a video.

“The message for marketers that want to attract the affluent customer to their brand, their store, their restaurant, travel destination or service is to make mobile media an integral part of their marketing and branding strategy,” Danziger says. “Affluent shoppers aren’t about to go backwards, rather they will continue to rapidly integrate mobile into their luxury lifestyles. Marketers need to be on the same page, or rather the same web page, with their target high-spending customers.

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