Allegri Bags

Student-Designed Allegri Bags on Display at Fashion Week

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Allegri Bags

The sketches for a backpack design.

New York– Some talented high school students got to show accessories at New York Fashion Week, thanks to Allegri.

The Italian fashion brand challenged a group senior students at the High School of Fashion Industries (HSFI) to create bags for Allegri, with the winning bags on display in the lobby during Fashion Week at Lincoln Center.

Students had to focus on versatility and multiple use functionality and suit a “modern fast-paced and fashion-savvy consumer.” The designs include a hybrid weekender, a day cutch, a stylish laptop bag and an urban-inspired backpack.

Allegri will put some bag designs into production for its Spring/Summer 2011 collection. All will feature some of the signature water-resistant Allegris fabrics including Rain Cashmere, silky cotton, city nylon combined with leather piping and details.

This design contest is part of Allegri’s efforts to create opportunities for young designers. The partnership with HSFI started with the successful ‘Allegri April Showers,’ where students created rain boots and umbrellas to complement the colors and themes of the Allegri Fall collections.

Allegri Bags

The resulting prototype

Allegri is an Italian outerwear brand founded in 1961 known for its fabric research–earning them the title ‘Architects of Fabrics’. The company celebrated its 2000th fabric with its luxurious water-resistant cashmere fabric called ‘Rain Cashmere,” launched Fall 2010.

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