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Freeling fresh? Retail concept shop STORY certainly is! Its latest revamp-the-entire-store theme is “Fresh,” created in partnership with Jet.com. While many of the curated products focus on food and wellness, cute items like strawberry handbags and banana-print shoes made the offerings as chic as any of the retailer’s fashion pop-ups. Besides, Accessories recently declared that food and water are the next fashion frontier so “Fresh” has particular resonance.

Watermelon is a popular fruit motif both for discerning fashion and taste palettes. It ties into the hot tropical summer trend and bold contrast colors of pink/red and green. Even cooler? Visitors can get a true “scent-sory” experience with Brooklyn-based Flavor Paper‘s scented Andy Warhol cherry wallpaper.

But fashion refuses to be ignored in this food-centric pop-up. Accessories brand Charlotte Olympia tied into “Fresh” perfectly with its tutti-frutti collection of tropical accessories inspired by Carmen Miranda’s Technicolor movies from the 1940s.

More from Charlotte Olympia, this time a strawberry bag that matches the strawberry theme and strawberry candies by Sugarfina.

It’s all about “clean and green living,” from skin cleanses to vegetable cookbooks to green comfy socks.  Other brands include gadgets like Click n’ Grow, a tech-enabled, self-watering home garden; Coolest Cooler with built-in blender and Bluetooth speaker; and June Intelligent Oven, a countertop smart convection that does the work for you. Brightening things up is a collection of bold items, like Candlelit Desserts, Charlotte Olympia accessories and Sukeno sushi socks.

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