Spring shoe guide 2014

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This week is accessories week and we got the best shoes in every style for spring. Next week we will take an item from each trend and create a unique outfit for every style. This week we have these shoes to try for Spring….

Franc Sarto

Platform Sandals

Style: Vintage

To dress it up in your style:

Classic: Pair with trousers that stop at the ankle.

Casual: Pair with jeans.

Glamor: Pair with a pencil skirt.

Punk/Rock: Try a basic black color for rock and a neon or bold red for punk.

Nine West

The color block sandal

Style: Classic

To dress it in every style:

Romance: These bulky shoes are not for short skirts but can be paired with long pleated skirts or printed pants.

Casual: Dress these with jeggings or a socks.

Glamor: Find a pair with glitter blocked right in or add crystals yourself.

Punk/Rock: Stick to black and white color blocking detail.

J. crew

Heeled Oxfords

Style: Punk/Rock

To dress it in every style:

Classic: Try these heels in camel or dark brown and then pair them with a buttoned down shirt.

Romance: Try these heels in pastels and then wear them with bright colors.

Casual: These shoes are great with straight leg pants or jeans.

Glamor: These shoes can be found with glitter and crystal accents but if not, pair it with crystal accent clothes to dress it up.


The bow heel

Style: Romance

To dress it in every style:

Classic: Try these heel in neutral print and then pair with a pencil skirt and pastel top.

Casual: These shoes are hard to dress down but pair them with skinny jeans or sporty shorts.

Glamor:  I have seen these shoes with glitter bows, pair with a knee length skirt.

Punk/Rock: Try these heels in black and pair them with leather accents or jean jackets.

Anne Taylor

The jeweled sandal

Style: Glamor

To dress it in every style:

Classic: Use beads accents instead of crystal and pair with anything.

Casual: Ditch the printed cloth and keep the crystal of these shoes and pair with anything.

Romance/vintage: These shoes should be purchased in a light color and keep crystal accents to colors in pink or purple.

Punk/rock: Try these shoes in gray or black crystal accents and black patterns.


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