Spring 2013 trends: Hats

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As we all begin to dye our hair funky colors, we want that color to last. The sun can be murder on colored treated hair as well as aid in moisture loss which can lead to frizz and split ends. Yuck!! The solution is wearing a hat but don’t just get your boyfriend’s baseball cap. Here some new ways to look chic in a hat with the latest trends off the runway.

The new baseball cap

Maurizio Pecoraro – lace baseball cap

The baseball cap gets a remake this season with the removal of embroidered images (from sport logos to tattoos) and net sides to chic fabrics and embellishments. Fabrics like leather or vinyl based can make the look rocker while the lace hat above is a nod to romance. The baseball cap is no longer just a casual staple.

Over-sized Floppy hat

Dolce & gabbana floppy hat

These hats have been in style for some time. The only difference for spring 2013 is that we are seeing more printed styles like stripes and fabric based hats instead of the traditional nude straw variety. This look is get for glam dresses but not so great for people with short hair.

The veiled Visor

Veiled Visors

This trend is a little tricky to wear because it combines a sporty staple with a high fashion twist. This trends can bridge the gap between classic and casual dressers who can both rock this trend from the beaches to the tennis court.

Here is a rundown of who should wear what based on your style:

  • Rockers/ punks – The baseball cap revisited trend is best. Try leather-like trends for rockers and bright neon looks for punk. For a more twisted look, try a black visor with a veil.
  • Vintage/Romance – Try the oversized floppy hat in pattern straw for vintage and romance types can wear a lace version of the baseball cap.
  • Classic/Casual – Veiled Visor for classic and baseball cap in jean or canvas (some brands have added straw accents for a polished look).
  • Glam – Oversided floppy hat in fabric. Stay away from printed straw which can look dated with your outfit.

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