Spring 2013 Jewelry Trend: Animal figure jewelry

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So sorry that a family emergency took us away from our computer. However, we are back to posting our three post for the week. This week we are featuring how-tos, style files and of course trend report. We are starting of course with the latest jewelry trend: animal jewelry. With so many animal-inspired jewelry, which animal best experiences your personality?

Roberto cavalli rings for spring 2013

The  Snake

Snakes are universally symbolic for power and wisdom but also rebirth and transformation. In this case, we can see the glamor in the snake but because of it’s dark association, it has been attributed to rocker and punk.  For rockers, stick to metal tones and add crystal details for added glam. For punks try the snake in bright colors like the Roberto Cavalli snake rings. The snake is usually seen in rings, bracelets and head to tail necklaces.

Burberry Prorsum ring

The fox

The fox represents longevity which is best attributed to vintage style. These animals are mostly seen in rings and bracelets. Vintage dressers can embrace the fox for it was revived from the 1920′s.  These rings are usually metal based but crystal accents can be purchased as well at lower end stores like Charolette Russe and Wet Seal.

Owl collection

The Owl

The owl is having a moment in fashion and can be seen on clothes as well as jewelry. The barn owl has many meanings including taking the soul to heaven and is even seen as evil in other cultures. Different owls have different meanings from intelligence to transformation. What makes them so appealing to romance is that they mate for life and are never far from each other.  As a romantic type, I already have an owl jewelry collection and it comes in many styles as well.

The Panther

This style is seen mostly in high-end fashion with diamond accents, gold and silver. There is an air of glamor to the panther so glamor dressers love this trend. As with most of the large cats, the panther is a symbol of ferocity and valor. It embodies aggressiveness and power, though without the solar significance. A person who can wear about anything and look good in it has a power of its own.  Hence, glamor dressers can easily add these animals to the wardrobe.

Roberto Cavalli

The beetle

Beetles aid in transformation, metamorphosis, resurrection and rebirth – rebirth of the soul to a new spiritual ideal and renewed devotion. This animal teaches harmony in the coming changes by utilizing your intuitive abilities and teaches discernment where you need it the most. They are also seen as good luck. Casual dressers can embrace these colorful and friendly bugs.

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