Southwest Jewelry Guide For Every Style – Spring 2013

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Okay, so we try to report fashion at the speed of life because let’s face it, who is really thinking about buying spring 2013 trends right now when you are looking out the window and see snow? Neutrals, boots and digging your car out are the only thing on your mind right now but here are the jewelry trends that are popping up now and are worth buying during the biggest sales of the year.

If you happen to be a casual dresser then this style is great for you now. Buy now at Macy’s and Aldo which will have jewelry sales throughout the rest of the year including the after-Christmas sale.  You can actually take this into every style if you follow these simple rules:

Rock/Punk: Layer chains are out! Ouch, your go to staple for jewelry is now a fashion don’t!! So what is a girl to do? This look can actually work well if  you pair chunky stones with those stud and spike bracelets you have lying around your room. Also, try turquoise and metal combos and crosses.

Classic: Go for the inlay stone style jewelry for a more classic touch on this look.

Vintage/Romance: Small cameo set in metal gives the vintage look while designed edges give a romantic feel.

Glam: Go for chunky bold pieces with metal accents!!

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