Small Business Owners 2012 Resolutions: More Marketing, Debt Elimination

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Herry Hill, NJ and Portland, ME—What’s on small business owners’ wish lists for holiday?

Not surprisingly: increased sales.

According to a TD Bank survey of 300 small business owners released today, 61% said their top priority would be increased sales.

Other holiday wishes from surveyed small business owners included eliminating debt (13%), raises or bonuses for current employees (11%), new equipment or software (6%), more employees (5%), and a new or larger facility (4%). Only 1% said a raise or bonus for themselves would be important.

“With economic pressures likely to continue in 2012, it will be more important than ever for small businesses to find creative ways to grow sales and keep a close eye on cash flow,” said Fred Graziano, head of  TD’s regional commercial Banking, government banking and small business.

2012: ‘Keeping a Close Eye on Cash Flow’

Along with top holiday wishes, TD Bank’s survey also asked small business owners to identify their top New Year’s resolution for 2012.

Clocking in at No. 1 at 26% was“spending more time on sales and marketing” slightly edging out eliminating company debt (22%). The remaining resolutions included improving cash flow (16%), developing a better business plan (13%), maintaining or increasing staffing levels (9%), working shorter hours (8%), and relying more on employees to handle daily operations (6%).

To address the needs of small business TD Bank is also utilizing social media to connect and converse with small business owners by launching live weekly Twitterviews. Each Friday, Small Business Banking experts will be available for live #smallbizfridays on Twitter @TDBank_US ( ) to answer questions and share tips and advice.

About TD Bank’s Survey

TD Bank polled 300 small business owners in itsMainetoFloridafootprint to understand their companies’ top holiday wishes and New Year’s resolutions. The research was conducted in October and November 2011 by ORC International, and surveyed companies with annual sales of no more than $5 million.

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