Shopkick App Expands to Small, Medium-Sized Retailers

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Palo Alto, CA—Shopkick, a mobile shopping app that gives consumer rewards for shopping member retailers, is looking to expand beyond big box retailers. Shopkick hopes to expand into small and medium-sized stores around the country, offering them the same services it already provides to Macy’s, Best Buy, Simon Malls, Wet Seal, among others.

Sponsorship With Citi

What’s more through a sponsorship with Citi, shopkick will install its hardware for free to the first 1,000 local businesses selected.

“We will do for small and medium-sized local stores what we have done for large, national chains: drive foot traffic. It’s the single, hardest problem to solve–and the most valuable driver of success–for both retail and service businesses,” said Cyriac Roeding, co-founder and ceo of shopkick.

The shopkick technology detects when a consumer using its app walks into a participating store, awarding them “kicks” or points toward purchases, as well as providing incentives for browsing certain merchandise while shopping. The shopkick currency can be exchanged for items including in-store gift cards, song downloads, movie tickets, hotel vouchers, Facebook credits to play games online and donations to different causes and charities.

Shopkick’s new small business initiative will roll out in 10 markets: Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay area, New Orleans, New York, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

Local business owners will be invited to apply to have the shopkick signal box installed in their stores, via

A hundred small businesses in three cities have already been involved in a pilot program for the past couple of months.

For Citi, the cost of the sponsorship comes to roughly $100,000, or about $100 for each shopkick transmitter installed, plus covering the expense of the small commission paid to shopkick for each “kick” awarded by a local store for a year.

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