ShaToBu shaping tights

ShaToBu Unveils New Shaping Tights

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ShaToBu shaping tights

ShaToBu shaping tights

New York—Consumers are buying that shoes that supposedly “shape” you while you walk, then why not wear tights that purport to tone muscles and burn calories? That’s the premise behind the ShaToBu Shaping Tight, from Mayfair Tech Inc, makers of the “ShaToBu The Workout You Wear” shaper.

Developed by chiropractor Dr. Denise Perron, the ShaToBu shaping tight, high-waist shaping tight and footless shaping tight allow women to burn up to 12% more calories during daily activities, while staying being fashionable wearing legwear, the company says.

“ShaToBu can provide women with another tool to burn extra calories and live a healthier lifestyle overall,” says Dr. Perron. “By incorporating resistance band technology into the garment, the ShaToBu Shaping Tight makes muscles work a little harder.”

Independent researchers from the University of Virginia tested ShaToBu garments under controlled scientific conditions and showed that when women wore ShaToBu, their energy expenditure increased during walking and stair climbing, which translated into more calories burned. Designed with Lycra for all-day comfort, the ShaToBu shaping tight are snug and opaque with a specially designed non-binding waistband.

Suggested retails are $36 for the shaping tight, $38 for the high waist shaping tight, and $34 for the footless shaping tight. The tights come in sizes small, medium, large, extra large, and 2X, and in colors including jet black, brown and steel.

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