Sex and the City

Sex and the City’s Exotic Adventure

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Sex and the City

Is it a mirage? Or the fantastical touch of costume designer Pat Field?

Sex and the City 2 opens in theaters May 27th, and fans can’t wait to catch up with gal pals Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. This time around, writer/producer/director Michael King whisks the stars off to the Middle East for an exotic jaunt. Set in Abu Dhabi (but filmed in Morocco), scenes were shot in the ancient winding bazaars of the “medina,” as well as the windswept desert.

Costume designer Patricia Field pulled out all the stops to create and accessorize the outfits the girls wear on their exotic adventure. “I got a huge amount of inspiration from the script,” says Field. “And I had a lot of fun with this one because it took us away to a magical place. The fantasy element of it was really special, and a great jumping off place to make it gorgeous, and less about reality.”

‘Very Lawrence of Arabia’

Field, whose parents hail from Turkey and Greece, was comfortable with the Middle Eastern aesthetic. “I grew up in it, and had family in Egypt as well. There are a lot of similar influences in the Middle East; I knew a lot of the detail and I was able to weave it into my fantasy of four gals from New York going over there in high style.” High style indeed. The characters fly over to Abu Dhabi on a sheik’s airline (set up by PR-maven Samantha, of course).

The desert scenes were very “Lawrence of Arabia,” with camels, sand dunes and lots of flowy silks, chiffons and satins, which give the girls a light, airy feel to their desert attire. Field also incorporated colorful gold and jewel tones, bright whites and rich earthy tones. Also look for harem pants, turbans and lots of hats to shield the stars from the desert sun.

Field found the Abu Dhabi nightclub scene a particularly fun challenge. “The Emirates are really interesting. It’s a ‘multi-culti’ place with every level of society. If you go into a club, it’s very international.” To the karaoke scene, Field borrowed a real Leviev diamond ring she saw in a window and valued in the millions. “Most of the time I use rhinestones and crystals, because the camera sees the same thing, but this one was—wow—just outstanding and so special.” After speaking with store managers, Field borrowed the ring for Samantha to wear in the scene. “Of course it came with an armed security guard.”


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