Bird's nest ring by K Turn Around Jewelry by Kimberly Edwards Focuses on Unique, Indie Accessories

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Bird's nest ring by K Turn Around Jewelry by Kimberly Edwards

Bird's nest ring by K Turn Around Jewelry by Kimberly Edwards

New York–Need to get your Gaga on? Check out Sense of Fashion–a new website selling distinctive apparel and accessories directly from the indie designers themselves.

One of the biggest complaints for indie designers is that they can’t get picked up by traditional retailers. Now, they can buck the system and sell directly to consumers by jumping into multi-designer sites that sell direct to consumers. Sense of Fashion, a relatively new website that focuses on up-and-coming apparel, accessories and footwear designers from around the world, is one such option.

Featuring Designers from 50 Nations

The site gives information about the designer/seller, and consumers can ask them questions and make public comments on the Sense of Fashion site. Any purchases are then made directly from the Sense of Fashion site.

Sense of Fashion also makes other product suggestions based on photo tags. Consumers can also leave comments and read other shopper’s questions, creating a vibrant forum. While is also a group site for budding designers, Sense of Fashion sells strictly apparel, shoes, accessories and vintage pieces.

Founder and chief creative director Daria Shualy began her career as independent fashion designer so she knew how hard it was to get started. She created Sense of Fashion as a vehicle for designers from around the world to make a living creating apparel, shoes and accessories “without having to concern themselves with achieving market acceptance through the traditional wholesale or retail outlets.”

While headquartered in New York, Sense of Fashion represents designers from more than 50 countries around the world.

The key is in the assortment. “We focus on a wide variety of items that empower our customers to wear something which expresses their personal style,” says Richard Stanton, Sense of Fashion president and COO. “While we don’t ask our sellers to be exclusive to the site, we do find that they go out of their way to choose items rarely found in traditional retail outlets,”

Prices run the gamut—from couture clothing to costume jewelry to fine. “We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure our customers can find something they can afford as well as splurge for,” says Stanton. “We’re not surprised when we see a customer wearing a $500 dress with a $15 pendant, all from Sense of Fashion.”

The site has also noticed an uptick in the use of gemstone and materials specific to a designer’s location or culture.