Schoolboy Blues: It’s All About Satchels

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Remember that backpack you used to lug back and forth to school for years? It got worn and tattered, but the memories it embodied — perhaps the initials of your first crush written on the strap — kept it from landing in the garbage. Despite your sentimentality, after reading the Harry Potter books, maybe you were a bit jealous of the leather satchels that kids on the other side of the pond wore to school.

This spring, these classic schoolboy bags are popping up again. Only this time you have a chance to personalize them: with different colors and color blocking options, this staple piece can make a unique statement about your style, and the traditional monogramming option allows you to sign your initials to your style (or your crush’s).


Trail Blazer

The uniform look might not be for you, but try going back to the satchel’s roots and pair it with a traditional suit. Create a color block effect by choosing a suit with a bold color that contrasts your bag. You can take the color blocking further by picking a skirt, like this one, which incorporates the bag’s color.

Avoid picking a color that is similar to the bag because it can make the outfit look bland. When picking accessories and shoes, keep the color scheme simple. Something in a similar tone as the blazer or a complementary tone will ensure that focus remains on the bag,


Cross Body Purse, Pink House

Boyfriend Jacket, BumbleBee

Knit Pencil Skirt, Daniela Corte

Buckle Flats, doubledutch Boutique

Tumbaga and Glass Bracelet, Tis tiK


Down to the Leather

Find a way to add a little more leather in your outfit to complement the satchel. A simple leather cuff works, but if you’re looking for something a little more fun, try pairing it with a group of different colored leather bracelets. Don’t be afraid to add even more funk by choosing bracelets like these with spikes or some other sort of decoration. Keep the rest of your outfit simple by choosing pieces that complement the bag or the bracelets such as this blue dress, which subtly plays up the blue bracelet, and these shoes, which resemble the corners of the satchel.


Leather Neon Stud Bracelet, Sweet Lady Jane

Suede Neon Bag, Baci

Gladiator Sandals, Ruia

Strapless Hi-Lo Maxi, Jade’s Closet


Pretty in Print

For those with a simple taste, neon shades might not be for you. However, every once in a while, a Plain Jane can’t help but want to look a little less plain. Pair your classic leather satchel with a bold print to step a little out of your comfort zone. Keep your accessories clean without embellishment to draw attention to the print on the dress and to avoid looking too gaudy.


Pleated Leather Bag, Callalilai

Black Beaded Dress, chouchounette

Medium Metal Cuff, Darling

Bright Pink Ballerinas, Vanina Escoubet

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