In Industry News, What's New by Christine Galasso

Let’s face it, eyewear has come a long way since its nerdy roots. Its vast history has taken glasses and sunnies from thick-rimmed black frames to tech-enhanced styles in all colors, materials and shapes. Now, Safilo Group has captured the category’s everlasting charm with a new digital museum dedicated to telling its story.

Launching at MIDO 2017, is a digital project that allows visitors to discover, experience and share the wonder of a museum exhibit on any device they like and making the most of social networks with intuitive features and language. Every guest visiting the will have the opportunity to register and create a personal gallery, selecting and downloading the favorite pieces from the 300 unique pieces of Safilo’s permanent collection on display. This includes glasses that belonged to Elvis Presley, Madonna and Elton John, ancient and contemporary artworks – all classified by genre (ancient, modern, active, celebrities, lifestyle, art, science), historical period (from the seventeenth to the twenty-first century), brand (Safilo, Polaroid, Carrera, Smith) – that can be shared in social networks, tagging friends and involving them in the discovery.

In addition to the permanent collection – which will be progressively enriched by showcasing additional items from the collection of 3,000 pieces – will propose a calendar of events and temporary exhibitions, dedicated to locations, personalities, new or unseen objects particularly significant for the eyewear world. This is an opportunity that Safilo offers also to its customers, collectors, and fashion brands who wish to collaborate and make use of this unique exhibition space, which can be consulted worldwide.

The project dovetails with Safilo’s 2020 Strategic Plan, and aims to enhance and preserve the heritage and the tradition of craftsmanship, along with the company’s digital vision statement. is intended as a place to enhance and share Safilo’s universe of ideas, products, techniques, stories and innovation: a long history that dates back to 1878, when Angelo Frescura turned a mill in Calalzo di Cadore into the first Italian eyewear manufacturing site, which then became the company that this year at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas launched SafiloX, the first brain sensing eyewear platform enabling mental focus