Rolling Retail: How Companies Like Amazon are Redefining “Mobile”

In Marketing, What's New, Industry News by Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

Mobile doesn’t just mean apps on your phone; it’s increasingly meaning a way for retailers to literally roll into town, with fresh new merchandise each time. The trucks offer fun, flexibility and a way for an online retailers to push into the physical world.

How does it work? Users who download the Amazon mobile shopping app on their phone can check daily deals or sign up for push notifications. Those interested in a deal can buy the item directly from the app then claim it from the truck at a predetermined drop-off point.

Amazon’s Treasure Truck is now parking at Whole Foods Market parking lots nationwide, carrying not only curated selections of food, but also gadgets, electronics and apparel, including some items local to the place where a truck is parked on a given day.

“Amazon’s Treasure Trucks have a sort of festive carnival vibe, with movie tie-ins, participation by celebrities and live music,” notes Retail Dive. “Amazon continues to tease out its upcoming stops rather than announcing much ahead of time. Shoppers who have signed up for the Treasure Truck’s texts are notified that the truck is nearby and told what’s for sale. They shop for items via the Treasure Truck app and pick up their purchases at the truck’s location.”


In a slightly different vein, Benefit Cosmetics already has 52 Glam up & away locations in 34 US airports and cities and just opened a new self-retail kiosk at Calgary International Airport (YYC) in Spring 2018.  And while these don’t actually drive around like other types of roving retail, the Benefit kiosks are designed to look like vintage pink beauty buses complete with cheeky slogans and Benefit’s famous mannequins.

“It’s WOW on wheels!” says Julie Bell, EVP Global Marketing at Benefit Cosmetics. “What a sexy, fun and innovative way to introduce Benefit’s witty and playful personality to the hundreds of millions of travelers that fly every year!”

“High-traffic airports are the next beauty battleground for prestige cosmetic brands. Benefit has been successful as the pioneer in selective makeup self-serve vending machines in U.S. airports and is excited to expand this concept into Canada,” says Jean-Andre Rougeot, Chief Executive Officer, Benefit Cosmetics.

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